Week 11 NFL Power Rankings: The Lions Are Now An Elite NFC Contender

28. New York Jets (LW: 31)

Sound the alarms! Alert the presses! Get your mother in the room! The Jets are back! We featured the Jets’ game against the Steelers heavily in our weekly picks column, and the underdogs from New York were one of our favorite upset picks going into this week. To beat the spread. Not to beat the Steelers.

As improbable as it was, the Jets actually knocked off the high-flying Steelers for their second win of the season. They needed nearly every single bounce to go their way — literally, deflections off receivers found their way into the arms of Jets’ players — a few well-timed wind gusts, and a team caught napping at the right time. Regardless, the Jets’ victory over the Steelers means nothing except the team has further hurt its chances to get a top pick in next year’s draft.

You may now escort your mother out of the room. There’s nothing to see when the Jets are on television anymore. That was the peak of their otherwise wasted season.

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