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Week 11 NFL Power Rankings: The Lions Are Now An Elite NFC Contender

Mario Mergola ranks every team in the NFL with the Detroit Lions proving they are an elite NFC team.

Calvin Johnson

11. Cleveland Browns (LW: 16)

There is no denying or downplaying it any longer — the Cleveland Browns are good. People find it difficult to buy into a team that appears to not have a bevy of obvious talent — they entered the preseason with a ‘quarterback controversy,’ which is typically a sign for disaster — but the Browns play a style of football that transcends perceived talent: smart. Gutsy wins? They run the football. Need to pass? Quick hits to playmakers. When Cleveland was winning games by the narrowest of margins early in the season, it looked like a negative. Now, it’s clear that the Browns’ close wins are more indicative of making the right plays when they matter most.

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