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Week 16 NFL Power Rankings

The New England Patriots are back atop the NFL Power Rankings after defeating the Dolphins while the NFC-leading Packers were upset by the Bills.

Julian Edelamn

5. Indianapolis Colts (LW: 6)

It seems as if no one will fully believe in the Indianapolis Colts until they win in the playoffs. Playing in what is possibly the weakest division in football – with two teams combining for four wins – each time Indianapolis racks up another victory, no one is impressed. In essence, the Colts were crowned AFC South champions before the season began, and it was their title to lose. Now, with the crown locked up and, in the end, most likely the third seed, Indianapolis may coast to the end of the year. Winning its remaining two games would probably not earn the Colts a first-round bye, and losing them – despite how meaningless the games are – would further the suspicion that they have yet to really prove anything. However, with a top-five defense and the league’s best passing attack, it’s easy to believe the Colts may light up the league in January.

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