NFL Week 17 Picks: San Francisco Looking To Play Spoiler

Colin Kaepernick

Dallas Cowboys (-6) at Washington Redskins

Thank you, Washington. You completed the improbable upset of the visiting Eagles, helping us win with one of our confidence picks from last week, and now may return to your place at the bottom of the standings.

In the same way that a good team is due for a letdown every now and again, a bad team is expected to break through once or twice per year. The Redskins have maxed out their ‘upset potential’ by beating both the Eagles – in the aforementioned Week 16 game – and Cowboys – when the two teams met in Week 8.

Washington returns back to its terrible form while Dallas – alive in the hunt for home field advantage throughout the playoffs – avenges its earlier defeat with a blowout of the Redskins, winning by three touchdowns and covering the spread.

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