NFL Week 17 Picks: San Francisco Looking To Play Spoiler

Colin Kaepernick

Oakland Raiders (+14.5)* at Denver Broncos

It’s common knowledge that the 3-12 Raiders are one of the worst teams in the league, but it is largely going overlooked that they have now won three of their last five games. In fact, these victories weren’t against the powderpuffs of the world, as each team – Kansas City, San Francisco, and Buffalo – had entered its respective game against the Raiders with a winning record at the time.

Indeed, all three of the Raiders’ wins came in Oakland, where they won’t have the luxury of a home game on Sunday when they travel to Denver. In addition, the Broncos have a reason to push for a win, as they are still playing for a first-round bye. With a road game against one of the league’s best teams still fighting for seeding, what’s to say the Raiders will show up?


Some teams quit. In fact, the Raiders may have been one of those teams midway through the season. But not anymore. Oakland is actually winning games, and has proven to be capable of spoiling rivals’ dreams – as evident by their victories over the Chiefs and 49ers. Thoroughly embarrassed for the first part of their schedule, the Raiders have every incentive to play sixty final minutes of inspired football for the year.

Unfortunately for Oakland, the team can’t match up with Denver’s. The Broncos win by a touchdown, but the Raiders beat the spread.

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