NFL Week 17 Picks: San Francisco Looking To Play Spoiler

Chicago Bears (+6.5) at Minnesota Vikings

Look who’s back under center in Chicago. One week removed from getting benched, Jay Cutler will man the Bears for what might be the last time in his career. In that sense, who doesn’t love a veteran pushed to the brink in one final audition for a potential new team?

Minnesota, a double-digit loss team for three of the past four seasons, looks to avoid extending the trend to ‘four out of five’ when it hosts the Bears on Sunday. The irony is that the 2014 version of the Minnesota Vikings has quietly turned into one of the better teams in the league with losing records. In fact, the 2015 edition looks somewhat promising.

By giving nearly a touchdown worth of points, it appears as if the Vikings are no longer a secret. That, or the Bears have just been terrible.

Clearly, the latter is true, as 5-10 with four straight losses is usually a sign of a bad team, but the Bears played one of their best games this season last week when they took a lead against the Lions into the fourth quarter. The Vikings are still a far cry from the Lions, and Jay Cutler — despite what anyone wants to admit — is a much better option at quarterback than Jimmy Clausen.

The Vikings, however, will use this game as a catapult into next season, and come away with a field goal win, but the Bears beat the spread.

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