Week 3 NFL Picks: A Super Bowl Rematch Highlights Week 3 Action

Dallas Cowboys at St. Louis Rams (+1)*

Whether it’s the Cowboys, Rams, or any of their opponents, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has embodied all of them. What could we take away from the Cowboys beating the Titans on the road? What about the Rams surviving (‘winning’ would be too forgiving of a term) in Tampa Bay?

It’s difficult to gauge either team with the uncertainty that has been present in their opening two games, but there are a few telling points to consider.

The Rams are better coached, playing at home, and, most importantly, only getting one point. Dallas has a huge fanbase, and the one-point spread seems like excellent bait to trap those millions of supporters throughout the nation.

St. Louis hands Dallas its second loss of the season, winning by a touchdown at home and beating the spread.

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