How Much is Parking at Dodger Stadium? [2024]

General Parking Costs

Parking at Dodger Stadium varies by type and purchase timing. General parking costs $27 if purchased in advance and $30 on game day. Preferred parking is $50 in advance, $60 on game day. Exterior parking (Lots 13 and 14) is a budget-friendly option at $5, but spots are limited and first-come, first-served.

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Note from

“Prepaid parking is available until 3 hours before the scheduled first pitch. So as not to slow entry, please have your prepaid parking pass or credit card ready for the attendant when you arrive at the parking gates. Only prepaid and credit card transactions will be accepted. We do not accept cash. Parking gates open 2.5 hours before game time. Stadium gates open 2 hours before game time. With the purchase of a General Parking pass, those lawfully holding a disabled parking plate or placard may park in any available accessible space in any Stadium parking lot on a first come first serve basis.”

Why Prepay for Parking?

Prepaying for parking at Dodger Stadium is highly recommended for several reasons:

Cost Savings: Prepaid general parking is $27, saving you $3 compared to paying at the gate. Preferred parking saves you $10.

Convenience: Prepaying speeds up entry into the parking lots, ensuring you have a spot, especially important for preferred parking which can sell out.

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Parking Options and Access

Dodger Stadium offers various parking options catering to different needs:

General Parking: Ideal for most visitors. Located close to main stadium entrances.

Preferred Parking: Closer to the stadium, less walking.

Exterior Parking: Cheapest option, but involves a longer walk.

Use the MLB Ballpark App for purchasing and managing parking permits.

Access Points and Gates

Dodger Stadium has several parking gates:

Auto Gates: Efficient entry points for prepaid parking.

Top Deck and Lot G: Popular among regular visitors.

Sunset Gate A: Another key entrance.

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Transportation Alternatives

Consider using public transportation to avoid parking hassles:

Charter Bus Services: Available for larger groups.

Courtesy ADA Shuttle: For guests with disabilities.

Additional Tips for Game Day

Arrive Early: To secure the best parking spaces and avoid game time traffic. Make sure you check your game ticket for scheduled first pitch time. 

Check the MLB Ballpark App: For real-time updates on parking availability and traffic conditions.

Follow Speed Limits: Within parking areas for safety.

Valid State-Issued ID: Required for certain parking permits.

License Plate: Ensure it’s visible to parking cashiers.

Navigating Dodger Stadium Entrances

Key Entrances for Smooth Entry

Dodger Stadium entrances are strategically located to manage the flow of traffic and ensure baseball fans can enter smoothly. The main entrances include

– Sunset Gate A

– Academy Gate

– Stadium Way Gate

Knowing the best entrance for your specific parking area can save you time. For instance, Sunset Gate A is popular for those holding preferred parking passes, while Stadium Way Gate is convenient for general admission parking.

Parking Passes and Season Ticket Holders

Season ticket holders often have dedicated parking areas that allow for quicker access and reserved spots. Regular season games can attract large crowds, making it essential to purchase parking passes in advance. Last year, many fans experienced delays because they didn’t plan their parking ahead of time.

 General Admission and Specific Areas

For general admission parking, it’s crucial to know the specific area assigned to your parking pass. The stadium has various lots, each catering to different needs. The MLB Ballpark App can provide real-time updates on available spots and help you navigate to the best entrance.

Speed Limits and Safety

Always adhere to the speed limit within Dodger Stadium parking areas. This ensures safety for all guests and smooth traffic flow. The speed limit is strictly enforced, and security personnel are on hand to assist with directions and any parking issues.

Popular Destinations and Tips

Some of the most popular destinations within the stadium include the Right Field Pavilion and the Top Deck. These areas offer unique views and experiences, so plan your parking accordingly. If you’re visiting from downtown Los Angeles or other parts of the city, consider using the Dodger Stadium Express for a hassle-free trip.


Is there parking for special events?

Yes, but it’s recommended to check availability and prices in advance as they can vary.

Are there shuttle services available?

Yes, Dodger Stadium Express and other shuttle services operate on game days and special events.

By planning ahead, you can make your visit to Dodger Stadium smooth and enjoyable, allowing you to focus on cheering at  Dodger games, not stressing out about parking. 

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