Week 3 NFL Picks: A Super Bowl Rematch Highlights Week 3 Action

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals (+3)

Arizona tops the ever-growing list of teams who continue to win games yet fail to gain public accolades. After beating the Chargers on Monday Night Football to start the season, Arizona went into New Jersey and took care of the pathetic Giants. To add injury to insult, Cardinals’ quarterback Carson Palmer‘s shoulder withheld him from playing. Arizona still won.

The Cardinals play in arguably the toughest division in the NFL, yet they managed ten wins in a season where the 49ers and Seahawks combined for 25. Arizona has the potential to fend off the other two powerhouses of the NFC West and emerge as the division winner when the dust settles in January, but the task begins now.

Behind the league’s third-best rushing defense, the Arizona Cardinals win the game by a field goal, beat the spread, and improve to an impressive 3-0 to sit atop a brutal division.

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