Top 6 MLB Spring Training Storylines

3. Major League Baseball’s ‘Pace of Play’ rules enter their own Spring Training.

Whatever the end result of Major League Baseball’s new ‘Pace of Play’ rules shift, the trial run is currently being conducting. Already, hitters have awkwardly darted back into the batter’s box and pitchers have hurried their warm-ups and deliveries to meet the new requirements. The first few weeks have been anything but clean, but the real focus should be on the outcome that follows the inherent adjustment period.

Will pitchers naturally go through their sequences quicker? Will hitters no longer step out of the box? Most importantly, will games go faster?

The final question is nearly impossible to gauge during exhibition games. Generally, the teams’ starters play no more than half of each game, naturally shortening each contest with weakened competition. Furthermore, with absolutely nothing at stake besides personal tryouts, the relieved pressure allows players to conform better to the rules without risking the team’s performance.

In reality, the judgement on the ‘Pace of Play’ rules cannot be passed until the regular season begins, but the remainder of Spring Training should provide feedback on how the players are reacting and adjusting to the change.

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