Watch: Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan Uses JJ Redick’s Jersey as a Kleenex

Clippers center DeAndre Jordan did the unthinkable on live television as he perpetrated a truly horrible and disgusting prank on teammate JJ Redick. During a post-game interview with FOX Sports West’s Kristina Pink, Redick, who dropped a team-high 23 points in L.A.’s 99-92 win over the Hornets, was oblivious to the fact that Jordan was behind him, knuckle deep in a nostril while mining for nose gold. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Jordan ended his epic videobomb by depositing his nasal effluence on Redick’s jersey before exiting stage left.

OK, upon further review it looks as if Jordan only pretended to wipe a booger on JJ Redick, which is still a pretty gross thing to do to a teammate. Funny yes, but oh so very gross.

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Jeff Greenwell