Top 6 MLB Spring Training Storylines

2. Bryant and baseball fans continue to wait.

Kris Bryant’s stock is rising rapidly, yet all signs point to a delayed debut. The top prospect in Major League Baseball – according to Baseball America – Bryant accepted his invitation to the Cubs’ Major League camp by mashing a league-leading six home runs in a mere nine games. No matter what happens the rest of the way, the future star is ready for the highest level of competition. Today.

Too bad he will have to wait.

Due to ‘service time clocks’ that start ticking when a team purchases the contract of one of its Minor League players, the Cubs will likely break camp to start the regular season without Kris Bryant on the roster. Think George Springer of last year or Evan Longoria of 2008. After a few weeks, when sufficient time has passed so that Bryant’s eventual free agency will be delayed an extra year, Chicago will make the call, and a new era will begin.

Consider this the trailer for the feature film set to release this summer.

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