Daily Fantasy Basketball: Cheap Advice 4/12/16

daily fantasy basketball advice

Only two more days of regular season DFS in the NBA and even though I’m quite sad, I’m actually a bit relieved as well.  These last 2 weeks have been brutal with all the news of players resting out of nowhere and random injuries forcing late scratches.  Trust me when I tell you, the playoffs are going to be fun as hell.  You won’t have to worry about minute restrictions or random rest days.  Everyone plays as much as they can handle, rotations get smaller and you just play the studs you believe are in the best position to succeed.  Having said that, we’re not there yet.  These next two days are going to really test your love for this sport because I don’t blame you if you take days off or just completely switch over to baseball.  There’s a rule to go by here:  Play the stars that still have something to play for and use the value for younger players who are getting extended run.  For tonight, only 4 teams are still actually playing for something; Indiana, Miami, Detroit and Mem.  Detroit and Miami figures to be the most competitive game with seeding on the line and tight point spread, everything else is close to meaningless so tread lightly.

Point Guard

Jerian Grant (DK $4200, FD $4200, 19.0 USG)

Grant is one of those younger players who are getting extended run down the stretch (a lot having to due to injuries) as he’s now played back to back 30 minute games for the first time all season.  The Knicks veterans asked Coach Rambis to play the younger guys more and he’s certainly obliging.  In those two games, Grant is averaging 31.05 DKPTS and although I still don’t feel comfortable or safe rostering him, I’m considering him because there’s not much else going on at the position here.  Westbrook has been ruled out, Paul won’t play his full allotment of minutes, I’m guessing Lowry sits so we might be left with only Jackson, Dragic, Ish and Grant.  Maybe the move here is to just spend up for Dragic and Ish, then move on.  It’s not like you won’t have the money to do so.  There’s nobody to spend up for tonight.

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Shooting Guard

Norman Powell (DK $3900, FD $4200, 17.5 USG)

I really don’t like speculating on players sitting out because it’ll make your head spin until it falls off but there’s a really strong possibility that the Raptors sit both Lowry and DeRozan tonight against the Sixers with CLE finally locking up the number one seed.  The last time these two sat, Powell led the team in minutes played and exploded for 42.5 DKPTS against IND. This time, it would be against Philly.  You get the picture.  This would be my second favorite value play on the night if the Raps do what we’re expecting them to do, especially with the position being so thin.  If they miraculously decide not to rest anyone tonight, you can pivot to Sasha Vujacic for $200 less, who’s actually playing extremely well over his last 4 games (31 minutes, 30.15 DKPTS).  With no Melo there now, everyone playing in the Knicks starting lineup is interesting.

Small Forward

Derrick Williams (DK $4300, FD $4700, 23.3 USG)

There’s gonna be no Calderon, Porzingis or Melo tonight for the Knicks, meaning Williams should be able to do whatever the hell he wants to do as long as he’s on the court.  When those 3 are out, Williams leads the team with a 25.3 USG%.  There are times though where Rambis doesn’t enjoy watching this movie and rides guys like O’Quinn or Seraphin down the stretch, which is extremely frustrating but with Melo out, he won’t have the luxury and might have to rely on Williams more than he’d like to.  So maybe Williams hits the 30 min mark after all because if he does, I’m having a really hard time imagining a scenario where he doesn’t get at least 25 DKPTS.

Power Forward

David West (DK $4100, FD $4200, 18.0 USG)

This obviously hinges on what Pop decides to do but I can’t seriously believe he’ll play anyone of his starters with what OKC is throwing out on the court tonight.  If Aldridge, Duncan and Leonard all sit, West deserves some consideration if starting. But be careful, because we’ve seen Pop announce  starters resting and then not play guys like West before, even though he wasn’t part of the players listed out.  I personally don’t think I’m going this route because of all the value elsewhere but I don’t mind the play at all if starting.  I’m looking to pay up for Blake Griffin in the last game he has to get his legs back before the playoffs begin.


Enes Kanter (DK $5400, FD $5600, 23.5 USG)

Don’t overthink this one at all.  You already know that Westbrook, Durant and Ibaka are going to be out tonight.  Kanter will likely get the start and we seen what happened the last time the Thunder did this against the Nuggets.  Kanter played 36 minutes and put up a ridiculous line of 33 points and 20 rebounds for 63.5 DKPTS.  And don’t even bother worrying about the matchup against SA.  They’re gonna have their B team out there so Kanter should be able to eat as long as he wants to.  This team has no other option on offense.  You’re going to see Dion Waiters shoot nearly 20 times but are you really interested in that?  On sites where you’re allowed to roster 2 centers like DK, the approach is to pair Whiteside with Kanters and build around them.

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