10 Unorthodox Tips to Win Your Fantasy Draft

Nolan Arenado

Draft Tip – Start the run.

What would you rather have: the second-best outfielder, but the fifth-best shortstop, second baseman, closer, and starting pitcher, or the tenth-best outfielder, but the best shortstop and third baseman? While some of these combinations may not be possible, there is a reality to position scarcity, and, when you only need to start one player at a given position, don’t be afraid to grab the first one before the run begins.

In the same vein, never get caught in a run. For the same reason that the drop-off from the second-best shortstop to the tenth-best shortstop is cavernous, the difference between the sixth and tenth-best shortstops is much smaller. Forget about a position if you aren’t part of the run. In fact, now is your chance to start the next one.

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Mario Mergola
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