10 Unorthodox Tips to Win Your Fantasy Draft

Nolan Arenado

Auction Tip – The only number that matters is the price you can afford to pay for each remaining spot on your roster.

Unlike a snake draft, each roster will not necessarily have the same amount of players at a given time. Because of this, you may be closing in on the maximum roster size faster than anticipated. This is fine, as long as you aren’t completely broke with more spots to fill.

To avoid this common pitfall, always run a quick calculation of how much money you can, on average, spend for each remaining player. For example, if you have $60 in your remaining budget, and need ten players, you can spend an average of $6 per player. Knowing this information will allow you to quickly consider the ramifications of bidding on a given player on the board. Furthermore, for every player you buy under your average, the average price you can spend going forward increases.

For an extra level of enforcement, do a quick scan of which team has the most money remaining and compare his or her roster size to yours. Use this to your advantage each time you enter a bidding war, and ensure your opponent isn’t getting any bargains. After all, he or she has money to spend, and will either end up with a player at a higher price than desired, or you will get the bargain.

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