10 Unorthodox Tips to Win Your Fantasy Draft

Nolan Arenado

Auction Tip – Force someone else’s hand whenever possible.

Do enough fantasy auctions, and you will surely hear the term ‘price enforcing.’ Generally speaking, this is the action of bidding on players in an effort to raise their price. Knowing that savvy opponents will attempt this on you – as explained earlier – always be willing to let a player go to a different team if you don’t love him at his price.

Rosters at an auction draft are always imbalanced in numbers. One of the pitfalls of ‘price enforcing’ is that you may quickly eat up valuable roster space, rendering your extra money useless. Bargains are nice, but they may not be necessary.

Instead of worrying too much about other owners’ finances, focus on their shrinking roster size. As each owner gets down to his last few available spots, he or she may be more selective about whom they draft. If the opportunity arises, don’t ‘price enforce’ for the sake of costing the other owner money – if you play this right, money won’t matter – but instead, ‘roster enforce.’

Simply, if the highest bidder is running out of space on his or her team, let the player go there. Suddenly, you’re the one reaping the rewards of leftover players, despite possibly having less money than your counterparts.

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