10 Unorthodox Tips to Win Your Fantasy Draft

Nolan Arenado

General Tip – Draft or buy trade pieces.

We are humans. As such, we are subject to emotion. Studies in ‘loss aversion’ have proven that we tend to inflate the value of commodities we own as soon as we gain possession. It hurts to lose out on an opportunity, let alone watch someone else benefit.

Driven by this, we tend to overprice our players in the trade market. It’s easy enough to ask someone to remove personal opinions on a player when evaluating a potential trade; it’s an entirely different task to act on it.

What if, instead, we hated the player? Removing an innate desire to protect the piece we have, we are not only selling it, but actively seeking a buyer. Now, the price becomes much more affordable and can be turned into something of real value to your team.

Never forfeit a pick in a draft. If you can’t find a player you want, find one that someone else will.

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Mario Mergola
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