6 Potential Landings Spots In The NFL Draft For Jameis Winston

2. Tennessee Titans

Tennessee averaged a mere 16 points per game in 2014, so there’s no question the team is in dire need of help under center. Jake Locker was a first-round bust back in 2010, and missing on him proves that whiffing on a high-draft choice at quarterback can set an organization back.

The Titans will need to decide whether Zach Mettenberger showed enough as a rookie that he can be an orchestrator of a Ken Whisenhunt offense. He has the size and arm strength, but struggled mightily with his accuracy.

If Whis opts for a fresh arm and wants to find his quarterback fast, he’ll have the choice to make between Marcus Mariota and Winston, with the latter likely the better fit in his vertical passing game. However, with so many holes up and down this roster, the Titans might want to address another position or elect to gather up more picks.

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  1. You wish both of them luck. But, most hyped QB’s are busts in the NFL.  Coming out of college, most have no idea how to live on their own. Put  a few Million in their pockets, with no single-living experience, and you are setting this kids up for failure.

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