6 Potential Landings Spots In The NFL Draft For Jameis Winston

5. Chicago Bears

One of the NFL offseason’s biggest offseason storylines will be how the Bears proceed with Jay Cutler. Does his contract make him untradeable? Or will Chicago find a team desperate enough to think it can revive his career?

If they can’t, the next head coach must decide whether Cutler is worthy of getting another chance or be left to a backup job. The Bears have a solid offensive line, perennial Pro Bowl running back in Matt Forte and a receiving corps of Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett, which is more than enough for any rookie quarterback to start his career off with.

Given how poor Chicago’s defense was in 2014, that might have to be the direction the team goes in with its first pick. However, if Winston is around, the situation does become much more tricky.

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  1. You wish both of them luck. But, most hyped QB’s are busts in the NFL.  Coming out of college, most have no idea how to live on their own. Put  a few Million in their pockets, with no single-living experience, and you are setting this kids up for failure.

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