6 Potential Landings Spots In The NFL Draft For Jameis Winston

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Between Josh McCown and Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay had as bad of a quarterback situation as any in the NFL. McCown could not pick up where he left off in 2013 with the Bears, and the former 2013 third-rounder Glennon never progressed as expected.

Tampa is clinging to the top overall pick this spring, but there are holes across the offensive and defensive line to fill, too. Coach Lovie Smith has never drafted a quarterback in the first round, let alone with the first overall pick. Will 2015 be the year he bucks the trend?

Winston played his college ball in the same state as the Bucs, so he’d already be a hometown hero of sorts. Because of McCown and Glennon, Winston wouldn’t have to be thrust into a starting role either. Having Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans as his disposal is a luxury for any quarterback, especially a rookie.

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  1. You wish both of them luck. But, most hyped QB’s are busts in the NFL.  Coming out of college, most have no idea how to live on their own. Put  a few Million in their pockets, with no single-living experience, and you are setting this kids up for failure.

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