6 Potential Landings Spots In The NFL Draft For Jameis Winston

4. New York Jets

The Jets have not had the best of luck when it comes to drafting quarterbacks in recent years. In 2009 they traded up to nab Mark Sanchez and in 2013 took Geno Smith early in the second. One of those quarterbacks is now in Philadelphia while the other may be heading toward a permanent backup job.

The Jets drafting Winston makes too much sense given it’s New York and the media will have no shortage of fun hyping up — (and possibly crushing) — another former college football star. But Winston has gone through a lot at Florida State the past two years; he could be ready to handle the Big Apple.

However, with needs at offensive line and in the secondary, can the Jets afford to spend another first-round pick on a quarterback? It likely depends on who’s hired as the team’s next general manager and head coach. Missing again could be truly detrimental.

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  1. You wish both of them luck. But, most hyped QB’s are busts in the NFL.  Coming out of college, most have no idea how to live on their own. Put  a few Million in their pockets, with no single-living experience, and you are setting this kids up for failure.

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