Daily Fantasy Baseball DFS Value Update and Lineup – May 29

Atlanta Braves (Minor) at Boston Red Sox (Peavy)

Minor has given up a lot of home runs since returning from injury and I don’t know that going to Fenway will help that. He has a good price but I’m not sure the upside is there to really justify using him. Other than the usual suspects for their hitters, I’m not too keen on the depth of the lineup.

Evan Gattis (C) – $5961

Justin Upton (OF) – $7878

Peavy is a pass for tonight. The Red Sox aren’t really rolling individually as far as offense is going so I’m not stacking them or anything tonight. I will probably have Ortiz in a couple of lineups, though, thinking he might be able to tag Minor for a home run.

David Ortiz (DH) – $6389

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