Daily Fantasy Baseball DFS Value Update and Lineup – May 29

Kansas City Royals (Shields) at Toronto Blue Jays (Dickey)

Shields is going into the lion’s den tonight and typically I would avoid any pitcher going to Rogers Centre for a start. That said, his ERA over his last five starts against Toronto going back to 2012 is under 1.50. Teams slow down eventually (Colorado will score about 30 fewer runs in May than in April) and Shields is as good a bet as any to keep the Jays bats quiet. They have some nice, cheap hitters too.

James Shields (SP) – $18,836

Billy Butler (DH) – $4567

Danny Valencia (3B) – $4254

Dickey is always too much of a wild card to rely on in cash games. Also, because I’ll have Shields in a lot of lineups, I’ll be avoiding Toronto hitters tonight.

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