Carlton Fisk Found Drunk in a Field of Dreams

According to USA Today, Hall of Fame catcher and Boston Red Sox great Carlton Fisk was arrested on Monday after found sitting in his car, in a cornfield, somewhere outside of Lenox, Ill.

Deputy Chief Bob Pawlisz commented:  “Around 7:20 (Monday) night, we received a couple of calls about a vehicle in a field,”

That was Fisk’s Ford F-150, in the middle of cornfield, somewhere in Illinois.

If you drive it into the field, they will come.

Suddenly, we have the image of Fisk waving his home run fair in the 1975 World Series, and the ball somehow hitting the foul pole. The crowd, the glory, suspended moments.

Fisk, who may have been the greatest catcher of all time, was found sitting in his truck with an empty bottle of vodka near him, unconscious.

Everything happens so fast when you’re drunk so there’s really no blaming Fisk for veering over the centerline and stalling out in a cornfield. Perhaps he was looking for that elusive Field of Dreams.

If you drive it into the field, they will come.

If only the ghosts of Babe Ruth and Ted Williams greeted him instead of the police.

In 24 seasons in the Majors, Fisk hit .269 with 376 home runs and 1330 runs batted in.

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Tomas Laverty
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