Daily Fantasy Baseball Plays for 7/21/17

Max Scherzer

Not many stories coming out of the MLB last night as there was a small slate of games.  The Dodgers finally lost as the Braves ended their win streak at 11.  Other than that there are just trade rumors where Sonny Gray is going to land.  While watching T.V. yesterday I also heard that Justin Verlander may waive his no trade clause for Houston.  That would be a monster pick up for Houston and if they got Gray as well, they win the American League.

We have a full slate of games with Sale and Scherzer on the mound so let’s break it down.

Low-Scoring Plays

Boston Red Sox @ L.A. Angles – Mike Trout is back for the Angles which is huge for that team as he is one of the best players in baseball.  However today it won’t matter who is in the lineup because a monster is on the mound.  Chris Sale has the strike out lead by 8 and is 3rd in the MLB in ERA.  He had a great game last outing as he struck out 12 and the Red Sox didn’t score and he didn’t get a win.  The Red Sox never score when Sale is on the mound so this should be the low scoring game of the day.  Dustin Pedroia has been hot, he will be the difference for the Sox to prevail over the Angels.

Targets: Sale, Pedroia

Washington Nationals @ Arizona Diamondbacks – Scherzer gets the call for the Nationals against a solid Diamondbacks team.  However as we saw in the All-Star Game, great pitching triumphs great hitting.  Scherzer should take down the Diamondbacks as he chases down Sale for the lead in strikeouts.  Scherzer leads the league in ERA which is 2.01.  The Nationals are a great team so Scherzer should have no problem picking up a win in this one.

Targets: Scherzer, Harper, Zimmerman

New York Yankees @ Seattle Mariners – Sabathia has been one of the biggest surprise of this season.  He has been pitching out of his mind this year considering his age.  The Mariners are a good team but not great, they have firepower with Cano and Cruz but I don’t see them as a threat in this game.  Sabathia might be one of the most undervalued pitchers this year.  It was around this time two years ago when Sabathia just called it quits on the season and checked him self into rehab.  Well Sabathia good for you for turning it around and pitching well again.

Targets: Sabathia, Frazier, Headly

High-Scoring Plays

Atlanta Braves @ L.A. Dodgers – Alex Wood looks to move to 12-0 on the year pitching at home, he will get it.  The Dodgers finally lost last night to bring them back down to earth. They are the hottest team in baseball, and they are the best team in baseball, L.A. will win big in this game.  Justin Turner is leading the league in batting average, as he is hitting .369 on the year.  To back .369 this far into the season is impressive, almost as impressive as Bellinger has been this season.  All of these headlines are going on and they still have Seager, who is arguably the best shortstop in the game and is getting no love. Look for Seager to have a massive game and take his headlines backs from the other stars in the lineup.

Targets: Seager, Bellinger, Turner

Houston Astros @ Baltimore Orioles – The Orioles have been scoring runs as their offense looks to be back to its normal ways after this All-Star break.  However they will run into some problems today as they are facing another dynamic offense.  I like this game to be the high scoring game of the day. Adam Jones has been raking as he is batting .276 with 3 home runs over the last week.  Compared to what the Orioles have been doing that is considered raking.  At home I like the Orioles to win but taking Houston batters won’t be a bad idea either.

My Lineup


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