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2015 NFL Draft

5 Riskiest Rookies In The 2015 NFL Draft

As the case is every year, there are rookies sure to have an instant impact Week 1 of their rookie season and others who are more developmental projects.

randy gregory

1. Randy Gregory, DE

An obvious choice here, Gregory has admitted to prospective NFL clubs that he failed a league-mandated drug test at the Combine and tested positive for marijuana.

Gregory has not been shy about admitting his problem, which he suggests is in the past. It’s a dilemma most interested teams are going to have to deal with — talent vs. potential off-the-field issues — and whether the player is telling the truth about it no longer being an issue. Those scared of adding Gregory to their organization may be those unwilling to use a top-10 pick on the linebacker.

Since the news broke of Gregory’s failed drug test, some scouts indicate teams are cooling on him a bit and could see him be a late first-round pick now. Most recently, we saw Gregory going No. 5 overall to Washington.

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