Lions’ DeAndre Levy Went Wing-Walking Atop a Biplane For Some Reason

Deandre Levy

I’m not 100 percent sure, but it would seem to make sense that the majority of NFL contracts have provisions in them that forbids — or at least recommends — that players not engage in dangerous, possibly career threatening activities. Call me crazy here, but I think strapping yourself atop a plane for some highly questionable wing walking would fall under just such a provision.

That didn’t stop Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy from partaking in some offseason wing walking recently, as evidenced by the dizzying pictures he posted to his Instagram account.

With all due respect to DeAndre Levy, this is just nuts. And I don’t just mean the wing walking — all that money and no in-flight movie, no drink service, and tons of bugs stuck in your teeth? Thanks but no thanks.

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Jeff Greenwell