Video: Richard Sherman, Cardboard Doug Baldwin Mock ‘Hypocritical’ NFL Media Policy

Seahawks stars Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin, carrying a cardboard cutout of himself, used Tuesday’s team press conference to mock the NFL’s media policy after the league fined running back Marshawn Lynch $100,000 for repeatedly refusing to talk to reporters.

Sherman and Baldwin called the policy hypocritical because the league forces players to talk to reporters but prohibits them from saying anything about certain sponsors, like their preferred brand of headphones – Beats by Dre.

The two went on to say it was hypocritical of the NFL to prevent players from endorsing alcohol when their biggest sponsors are beer companies.

Sherman and Baldwin then turned to the schedule, calling the NFL hypocritical for saying they’re focused on player safety when the Seahawks have to play two games in five days.

“See?” Sherman says. “This is how you don’t get fined $100,000.”

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