NFL Week 13 Picks: Green Bay Ends New England’s Run

Aaron Rodgers

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions (-7)*

How quickly the mighty have fallen. First in defense and the NFC North for weeks, the Lions ran into the Cardinals and Patriots in consecutive weeks and combined for a total of zero touchdowns. Obviously, they lost both games. The two losses, coupled with a nearly unstoppable run by the Green Bay Packers, have currently knocked the Lions off the top of the NFC North.

While Detroit was racking up two of its four total losses in the past two weeks, Chicago tallied its fourth and fifth wins against the Vikings and Buccaneers, respectively. Disrespectfully, these wins mean nothing.

Detroit may not be on the same caliber of football teams as the Cardinals and Patriots, against whom they were overmatched, but they are much better than the lowly Bears. If Chicago had lost both of its previous two games, this might have turned into a trap for the Lions, but now the Bears enter their game on the backend of the peak.

The Lions will not let the opportunity pass them by to grab a much needed win against a far inferior opponent. Detroit breaks out of its offensive slump, wins by 20 and covers the spread.

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