NFL Week 13 Picks: Green Bay Ends New England’s Run

Aaron Rodgers

Washington Redskins (+9.5)* at Indianapolis Colts

Do the Colts even send their best players to every game? They have received such a favorable schedule – besides playing, rather, beating the AFC South, they also get free wins against the Redskins and Giants – that they might as well rest players for games that actually matter. While they haven’t suffered a letdown loss yet – all four losses are against teams with winning records – they also have barely been tested by these powderpuffs – only one victory against a team under .500 has been by less than ten points.

Enter a team playing so poorly that it cannot possibly get any worse and you have an upset in the making. At least, against the spread.

Everything in Washington is currently in disarray. What will the Redskins do with Robert Griffin III going forward? Is he done for the season? One game? His career? All of these question marks help push the spread bigger to a point where Washington will sneak under the line. Don’t forget that the Redskins led the 49ers in San Francisco late in the fourth quarter. While the Colts are a better team than the 49ers, we still have yet to see them face and respond to some adversity.

The scuffling Redskins give the Colts a close game on Sunday, losing by four but beating the spread.

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