Yankees GM Brian Cashman Slept on the Streets of New York City Last Night

Brian Cashman

No, Brian Cashman still has a job and a home despite spending $209 million of the Steinbrenners’ money on an 84-win team.

Cashman slept on the streets of New York on Thursday along with many other execs as part of the Covenant House ‘Sleep Out’ which raised about $5 million, including nearly $2 million in New York alone, to fund the organization’s shelters and programs for homeless youth.

“I have no idea how any human being possibly can do it for one night, let alone weeks on end,” Cashman told MLB.com. “It’s a disaster. There’s no way to simplify it. That’s why obviously for those who are less fortunate, if we can get people to raise funds here and contribute to Covenant House, they’ve got programs to put people back on the right track and be a safe harbor.”

It’s actually the fourth year Cashman has participated, and he picked a hell of a night as temperatures in the city fell to the 20s.

How does sleeping in 20-degree temperature feel? Probably not as bad as owing a 39-year-old Alex Rodriguez another bazillion dollars over the next three seasons.

Jokes and The Evil Empire aside, the folks at Covenant House really do a great thing. Check out their campaign and donate if you want to help kids in the most unfortunate situations this holiday season.

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Igor Derysh
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