A-Rod Urinates On Cousin’s House

A-Rod has struck again.

Instead of injecting in, he took his frustration out–urinating right on his cousin’s house.

Alex, stop getting mad at your cousin for ratting you out on your drug use. You can’t keep paying family $50,000 to keep quiet.

Yuri Sucart, his cousin, was arrested and is currently suffering serious health problems. According to Newsday he “recently underwent heart surgery and doctors nearly amputated a leg, according to his wife, Carmen.”  Although his wife will not discuss his involvement in the PED usage and obtainment, she is left to clean up their mess of a life. Let’s not forget the wall outside.

Many hope A-Rod never plays again, but if he does, this is a great idea:

19 thoughts on “A-Rod Urinates On Cousin’s House”

  1. yanksskinsfan

    Lana_Love3 I’m a huge Yankees fan but can’t stand Arod. Glad you enjoyed and I made your article.

  2. JoannGiovinoFagiolo

    really, this story is getting old. lets see- the two criminal relatives said it happened because after all why would they lie. perhaps it’s because their cash cow has dried up and they might actually have to work for a living…please..!

  3. KingofKings22

    I hear A Rod is Dating Gretchen Wilson now and they are redoing her hit song. “Here for the Potty” Ba Dum Dum!!!! Yes Ladies and Gentleman, The “Chuckle Hut” is now open.

  4. deport this south of the border scum…let him join the rest of his cousins in killing and selling drugs..

  5. You never cease to amaze people. There are none that are so blind, as those who will not see. Take responsibility for yourself, you are where you are because you put yourself there.  Stop blaming others for your messes.

  6. JoannGiovinoFagiolo

    AlBrenneman ever hear the word hearsay…..especially from two sponges who’s milk has dried up from their cash cow…

  7. sweetiepeetee

    Wonderful, just wonderful.  What a class act!!!!  A-Rod …. don’t come back!!!!!  You’re a disgrace to your race ….. the HUMAN race!

  8. JoannGiovinoFagiolo

    sweetiepeetee really, if someone said the bkly bridge was for sale would you put in a bid…? two criminal relatives, who’s cash cow has dried up , of course , why would they lie…….

  9. Nikki Santora

    rudeman12 PED’S are not illegal drugs, get your story straight. Alex did NOT sell drugs.  What are you the Judge, jury & http://search.aol.com/aol/search?q=executioner&s_it=spelling&v_t=chstrip .

  10. Portiahardesty

    The unfortunate part of paying actors, sports figures, etc. so much money is that they begin to believe they are worth it!

  11. JoannGiovinoFagiolo

    Portiahardesty not any different then any other person that makes an enormous amount of money in the regular working world….

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