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A-Rod Urinates On Cousin’s House

A-Rod has a funny way of sending a message, peeing on his cousin’s house to “mark his territory.”


A-Rod has struck again.

Instead of injecting in, he took his frustration out–urinating right on his cousin’s house.

Alex, stop getting mad at your cousin for ratting you out on your drug use. You can’t keep paying family $50,000 to keep quiet.

Yuri Sucart, his cousin, was arrested and is currently suffering serious health problems. According to Newsday he “recently underwent heart surgery and doctors nearly amputated a leg, according to his wife, Carmen.”  Although his wife will not discuss his involvement in the PED usage and obtainment, she is left to clean up their mess of a life. Let’s not forget the wall outside.

Many hope A-Rod never plays again, but if he does, this is a great idea:


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