Ranking Baseball’s Top Free Agents With Qualifying Offers

Max Scherzer

4. Pablo Sandoval – The 28-year old three-time World Series Champion is one of the most interesting players on the free agent market. He is wildly inconsistent during the regular season — two seasons with at least 100 games and a .315 batting average and four seasons with at least 100 games and a .283 batting average or lower, and never in-between — but is an absolute monster in the postseason — a .344 career average, six home runs, and one World Series MVP Award in 39 games. Finding the average season for Sandoval isn’t easy considering he rarely actually produces those numbers, but the .294 lifetime hitter tends to produce approximately 20 home runs and 86 runs batted in. Keep in mind that he hasn’t come close to any of those averages since 2011. Sandoval’s age and postseason heroics — especially the ones we just witnessed this past October — probably boost his value a little higher than it should be, and he will likely be overpaid.

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