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Ranking Baseball’s Top Free Agents With Qualifying Offers

Mario Mergola ranks the top 5 MLB free agents who have received a qualifying offer.

Max Scherzer

2. Hanley Ramirez – What was possibly the best power hitting shortstop prospect since Alex Rodriguez will likely be playing for his fourth team by the time he turns 31 — a clear indication of how extenuating circumstances have largely prohibited the long-term commitments from any team. Some of this is due to a clear lack of focus — at least, in his younger days with the Marlins — and some is due to injury — only one time in the past four seasons has he played at least 130 games. Ramirez will still be highly coveted when he hits the open market, representing rare power from the shortstop position — he averages 25 home runs per 162 games — while still being able to slide over to play third base if needed. Ramirez is the perfect candidate for a front-loaded, shorter term contract, but one team will likely bite and go into the range of six years.

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