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10 Burning Questions: AFC West

The AFC West was a powerhouse a year ago, producing three playoff teams. Every team in the division only got better heading into the 2014 season.

Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The AFC West produced three playoff teams a year ago. The Denver Broncos were crowned champions of the division in 2013, and the San Diego Chargers snuck into the playoffs under first-year head coach Mike McCoy, who helped to revive Philip Rivers‘ career. The Broncos enjoyed one of the best offseasons of any NFL club, and are prepping for another Super Bowl run. The Chargers, too, addressed their needs, while the Oakland Raiders added a host of veterans to the fold to try and reverse their fortune. The Kansas City Chiefs’ second-half collapse did not result in the team missing the playoffs but it kept them from making any major offseason moves, and Alex Smith‘s contract remains the biggest obstacle.

Here are the 10 burning questions for the AFC West in 2014:

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  • Charles2014

    Did the author forget how Denvers defense could not stop a blind man in a closet. Sure they can score but not every game is going to be about scoring, it’s going to be about stopping the scoring, and filling the holes in Denvers defense is a major task, so watch how teams attack this defense this year.

  • streetsmart

    Sam, you obviously need a rest. To suggest that the Rams will be sub-500 again makes it clear that you live in a media silo. They have the best DL in the game, and Gregg Williams will push the overall D into the top 10…maybe closer to top 5. Without Bradford’s injury, this was a 9- or 10-win team. They will surprise a lot of people this year, including writers like you who don’t do your homework.

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