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King of the QB2 Hill: 2-QB ADP Battle between Eli and Vick

Eagles QB Michael Vick
Eagles QB Michael Vick

Aug 24, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (7) scrambles during the first quarter of their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 31-24. Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

For the better part of the 2013 fantasy off-season, Eli Manning has been holding down the fort atop the QB2 ADP tier, if you go by 12-team 2-QB leagues.

If you take a look at how the 2-QB ADP has progressed this off-season, Eli always found himself coming in at QB13:

2-QB ADP Progression

2-QB ADP Progression

The one thing I’ve stressed with the 2-QB ADP data we have access to, is that it’s based on a small sample size, and the very first 2-QB ADP data consisted of five mock drafts, and the latest 2-QB ADP data was made up of 30 mocks.

Also, the 2-QB ADP data has been gradually compiled, with the very first 2-QB mock draft taking place back in March, which is a whole five months ago.

A lot can happen in such a long period of time, and that’s why sites like (FFC) and are wonderful resources when it comes to ADP data, and that’s because they allow us the opportunity to view ADP by specific timeframes.

We don’t have that luxury when it comes to 2-QB ADP data, which is why I wanted to zero in on three of the most recent 2-QB mocks I took part in. Between August 18th-August 21st, I was involved in three live 2-QB mock drafts. Two were of the XN Sports variety, and one was a staff 2-QB mock draft I was invited to be a part of. Two of the mocks were made up of twelve teams, and the other was a 10-team 2-QB mock.

The main reason to do a live 2-QB mock draft is so that you can get some practice in for your real 2-QB draft, while also looking out for certain trends.

Recently, an article written on this website took an in-depth look at the QB2 tiers of 2-QB Leagues, to come up with different ways to attack the QB2 starting roster spot in your 2-QB draft.

One thing I was specifically looking for in regards to the live 2-QB mock drafts I recently took part in was two see if Eli Manning was still holding on to his QB2 throne, and how high of a jump newly named Eagles starting quarterback Michael Vick made in the QB ranks.

We already know Eli is at QB13, and Vick spots a current 2-QB ADP of QB18.

Taking at look at the QB ADP on MFL, with a focus on 12-team drafts completed after August 15th, MFL shows Vick is at QB14, with an ADP of 106.98, and Eli is at QB13, and his ADP is 100.76; less than one round difference between the two. On FFC, Vick actually overtook Eli for that QB13 spot, in their ADP rankings. (ADP data viewed on August 31, 2013).

1-QB data for 2-QB leagues is not the most useful tool, but it’s something we can use when focusing on quarterback rankings, rather than strict ADP. According to the MFL ADP QB data, Vick is in the hunt, and close to overtaking Eli for that top QB2 spot, while FFC already has him as the top QB2 drafted in 12-team leagues.

In the live 12-team 2-QB mock drafts I participated in, Vick was the the 16th QB taken on August 18th, two days before being given the reigns to Chip Kelly’s offense, and he was the 15th QB drafted on the August 21 mock draft, one day after being named the starter in Philadelphia. In a real 12-team 2-QB draft I was in last week, not of the mocking variety, Vick was the 13th quarterback drafted, and Eli was the 14th.

The tide is changing, and the 2-QB fantasy football community is starting to gravitate towards Vick, rather than Eli, to lead their QB2 options. With the way the momentum is swinging, Vick could even become a QB1 option in some 2-QB leagues.

For an interactive view of the situation, here’s a screenshot comparing the ADP movement of Vick and Eli on FFC from the past month:

Vick vs. Eli FFC ADP

Vick vs. Eli FFC ADP

For now, Vick could be the ultimate QB2 option, as he has the chance to finish the season as a fantasy QB1, and that’s the goal you have in mind when drafting a QB2. You don’t want to draft a QB2 option like Philip Rivers, hoping for QB2 production.

You want upside with your QB2 pick, and somebody like Dalton, QB12 last year, or Vick, who has shown glimpses of being a top fantasy quarterback before, are the types of QB2 options you want to take a chance on.

If you’re drafting this weekend, trying to figure out which QB2 to choose, and you’re thinking that Vick could be your guy later on in the draft, there’s an upward trend in regards to Vick. Just know that if you want him, you might have to pull the trigger earlier than expected.

Being prepared for your 2-QB draft, and aware of the revolving atmosphere of the 2-QB landscape will give you an advantage over your fellow 2-QB drafting league mates who aren’t as well prepared.

*Data used courtesy of,, and Etienne Groulx’s 2-QB ADP

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