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Testimony from XN writers:

I am going through my third NHL season writing for XNSports (in addition to going into my second MLB season), and the entire time has been enjoyable as a writer. Tom Laverty and Tom Fitzgerald have pointed me in the direction of topics to cover, but gave me creative freedom for my own ideas as well. I was able to expand my horizons from writing about strictly fantasy hockey to covering the World Junior Championships and the Olympics (from home), analyzing in-game situations, stats research, and a host of other hockey avenues.

Not only were they helpful in developing my writing, they provided the structure necessary to transition from a hobbyist to a full-time writer. The guys not only aided the honing of my writing skills, but helped expose my work to a broader audience. From Day 1, writing for XNSports has been fun, rewarding, and a critical part of the growth of my career. – Michael Clifford (Sportsnet)

XN has helped me grow into what I am today. I cannot even begin to thank XN enough for that. I am working in daily fantasy sports full-time with what I am doing between all the sites and gigs, and I fully attribute that to starting out and growing with XN. – Josh Collacchi

XN Sports is an ideal platform for any sports writer looking to get a foothold in the ultra-competitive industry. I’ve written for XN since 2012, when editors there granted me the freedom to write what I thought was important — a critically important part of developing my fantasy football writing style. –C.D. Carter

XN Sports played an integral role in becoming the writer I am today. As someone who thrives to produce content beyond off-the-cuff interpretations, they provided a writing environment and audience that embraced the strengths of my writing and helped it to flourish. I couldn’t have asked for a better site to start my ambitions of turning this from a hobby into a whatever else it manifests into. Rich Hribar (NBC/Rotoworld)


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