The Best Hockey Stick Brand On Amazon: Popular Choices In 2024

Searching for the best hockey stick brand on Amazon is surprisingly overwhelming. You end up getting a mix of street hockey sticks, ice hockey sticks, training gear, and other slightly related and unrelated items. To help streamline your search, we’ve listed the best hockey stick brands available on Amazon, broken down into easy-to-navigate categories.

These are the top seven hockey sticks we found on Amazon:

BrandIce Hockey / Street HockeyRatingLink
STX Ice Hockey SurgeonIce Hockey 4.6Purchase On Amazon
Franklin Sports Kids Ice Hockey Sticks Ice Hockey4.6Purchase On Amazon
Franklin Sports NHL 1090 40″ Phantom Street Hockey StickStreet Hockey 4.3Purchase On Amazon
GoSports Street HockeyStreet Hockey 4.3Purchase On Amazon
STX unisex adult X92 Ice Hockey StickIce Hockey 4.7Purchase On Amazon
StringKing Composite Pro Senior Ice Hockey StickIce Hockey 5.0Purchase On Amazon
Franklin Sports NHL Kids Street Hockey Stick SetStreet Hockey 4.2Purchase On Amazon

Picking the Perfect Stick for Your Game

Whether you’re an aspiring Sidney Crosby or a recreational player, choosing the right hockey stick can make all the difference in your game. It’s not just about the brand; it’s about finding a stick that meets your specific needs, complements your style of play, and fits your skill level.

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Understanding Hockey Stick Composition

Modern hockey sticks are marvels of engineering, made from composite materials like carbon fiber for strength, durability, and quick release. Gone are the days of wooden sticks, as hockey players at all levels—from amateur to NHL stars like Auston Matthews and Connor McDavid—prefer the advanced performance of composite hockey sticks.

Why Composite Materials Reign Supreme

Composite materials such as carbon fiber have transformed the game. They offer better control, a lighter feel, and a range of flex ratings to suit different positions and playing styles.

Finding the Best Hockey Stick Brand for Your Level

The Pros’ Choice: What NHL Players Use

Professional players often have custom sticks tailored to their play. However, for the average player, models used by pros like Connor McDavid or Auston Matthews can be a great starting point. Brands like Bauer Nexus, True Catalyst, and Warrior offer top-of-the-line sticks used by NHL players and are a popular choice for their balance between quality and performance.

Amateur Players and Recreational Fun

If you’re an amateur player, you don’t need the exact stick that Sidney Crosby uses, but you can look for a stick within these product lines that matches your skill level. Junior hockey sticks for young players and senior sticks for adult amateur players offer options for every age group.

Flex Ratings: Finding Your Sweet Spot

The flex rating of a stick refers to how much it bends when force is applied. Pro players might prefer a low-flex stick for greater power and a quicker shot release, but recreational players might benefit from a higher flex for better puck handling. It’s all about finding the sweet spot that complements your playing style.

Making the Right Choice: Style of Play Matters

Shorter Sticks for Puck Handling, Longer for Reach

Your style of play should dictate the length of your stick. Shorter sticks may provide better control for those who pride themselves on puck handling. Players looking for reach might opt for a longer stick. A hybrid mid-kick stick, for example, can offer a balance between quick shots and powerful passes.

The Importance of Kick Points

Kick points are essential to consider. A high kickpoint will give powerful shots, while a low bow stick can aid in quick releases. Like flex ratings, your playing style should guide your choice here.

Best Hockey Stick Brands on the Market

When it comes to the best hockey stick brands, a few names stand out:

Bauer: Known for sticks like the Bauer Nexus, this brand is favored by NHL players for its balance of flexibility and power.

Warrior: Offering a range of sticks, including specialized Warrior goalie sticks.

True: The True Catalyst line is synonymous with innovative designs and high performance.

Bison Hockey Sticks: A Canadian company that’s rising in popularity for its high-quality sticks at a reasonable price point.

The Bottom Line: It’s All About Personal Preference

When you’re in the market for the best hockey stick, remember that the “best” is subjective. It’s about what feels right in your hands and matches your playing style.

Goalie Sticks: A Special Mention

For the guardians of the goal, the best goalie sticks are a category of their own. Top brands like Bauer and Warrior provide goalie sticks that offer the durability and control needed for the toughest saves.

In Conclusion: Your Stick, Your Game

Finding the best hockey stick brand isn’t about following the crowd or mimicking NHL players. It’s about understanding your own needs, researching the top brands, and considering your playing style. Whether it’s the low-flex sticks favored by some NHL stars or the innovative composite hockey sticks for their powerful shots, the right choice is out there. And remember, the sweet spot for your game is where comfort meets performance. So take the time, do the research, and find the hockey stick that will help you score the winning goal!

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