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Users of XN Sports are encouraged to engage in discussion through our commenting system provided by LiveFyre. However, there are certain behaviors users are discouraged from engaging in:
  • Excessive foul language/profanity
  • Personal attacks/slander/abuse
  • Excessive linking/promotion of articles or pages on the web.
  • Grammar-Nazism: XN Sports is not a forum for users to clog the commenting system with perceived spelling, grammar, or style errors. If you are interested in applying for an intern copywriting position, please contact us via our contact page.
  • Stupid or irrelevant comments, including and not limited to poorly thought out or irrelevant responses, text type, e.g. LOL, ROFL.
  • We love a discussion —  but comments that make no well thought out counter argument or simply seem to be trolling statements will be deleted.
Users are encouraged to flag inappropriate comments or notify us of violations of the commenting policy.
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