Daily Fantasy Basketball: Cheap Advice 4/5/16

daily fantasy basketball advice

Point Guard

Tim Frazier (DK $4200, FD $5000, 21.6 USG)

Frazier continues to be underpriced on DK, but I can understand going a different route on FD now that he’s reached the 5K range.  I wrote about him last week and he continues to provide value for us.  I still don’t think he’s a good NBA player by any means but this guy is playing a lot (28.34 min over his last 7) and he’s a big part of the offense (USG over 20%).  When you combine those factors and this price (on DK), it’s hard to ignore.  Then you get to the matchup against the Sixers.  I don’t think I have to waste your time with stats to prove to you that Philadelphia is a terrible NBA team but I’ll just mention that no team has given up more DKPTS to opposing PG’s than the Sixers over the last 3 weeks.

Shooting Guard

Norman Powell (DK $3600, FD $4200, 17.6 USG)

It’s really weird how DK and FD have flipped the scripts on pricing as of late.  It used to be that DraftKings was the site you couldn’t play much value on for too long, as they’d hike prices instantly after one or two good games for these guys but it’s FanDuel that’s doing it now with DraftKings keeping their prices low.  Powell continues to fly under the radar with so many other value plays opening up daily, keeping people off him.  It’s been 6 games in a row now that he’s reached at least 22.5 DKPTS, while averaging 26.6 DKPTS in that span.  Now keep in mind that he only needs to reach 18 DKPTS for him to reach value.  His confidence has been awesome to watch considering he was the 46th overall pick in this draft class, making 23 of his last 51 three point attempts over the last month.  Charlotte’s given up the 9th most DKPTS to opposing SF’s over the last 3 weeks and with Batum likely missing this game for CHA, their wing defense gets a lot worse (no disrespect to Courtney Lee).

IAB_Large Rectangle_336_280_Basketball

Small Forward

Luke Babbitt (DK $4400, FD $5000, 16.7 USG)

Babbitt is going to be very popular tonight after back to back monster games (46.0 and 31.8 DKPTS) and rightfully so. He’s attempted a combined 40 FGA’s in those two, scoring over 20 real life points in both.  Everyone is going to see the game logs and then see the matchup against Philly.  It’s gonna be quite chalky and quite frankly, a hard fade considering the situation.  Only one team is worse against SF’s than Philly and Babbitt is chucking at will.  You look at the starting lineup of Douglas, Hamilton, Babbitt, Cunningham and Asik, then wonder to yourself, “Where else are the points coming from?”  This game provides so much freakin’ value, it’s going to be hard to not fall in love with so many plays.  Perfect segway to the next guy we’ll look at . .

Power Forward

Carl Landry (DK $4700, FD $5100, 24.2 USG)

Landry gets the start at C again, but this time against the Pelicans, who have given up the second most fantasy points to opposing centers on the season (Philly gives up the most).  He’s now scored at least 29 DKPTS in 3 out of his last 4 games and with Noel and Holmes out again, Landry should continue to see close to 25 minutes.  I will say that there’s one superstar definitely worth paying up for tonight and he’s slotted at PF on DK so it’s up to you to decide if you want to play both these guys or so somewhere else with the F slot.  Truth is, there’s not much to love under 5K here tonight so Landry could be a bit popular.


Tyson Chandler (DK $4600, FD $5300, 12.5 USG)

I was going to write up Ajinca here but you get the idea, that game is stacked with value.  I wanna mention one thing before I write anything about Tyson Chandler.  The last time I was this high on him, he recorded 7.3 DKPTS on only 12 minutes (left the game early with back spasms) against Memphis.  Ok, so now that you’re aware that I maybe the curse of Chandler, let me profess my love for him.  I absolutely LOVE him in this spot against the Hawks, who give up the 4th most total rebounds to teams (2nd most over their last 3 weeks).  Ok, now for the Tyson Chandler part.  He’s averaging 40 DKPTS over his last 3 games, grabbing over 15 rebounds in that span.  And now the best part: In the loan game these teams played earlier this season, Tyson Chandler scored a ridiculous 60.75 DKPTS (13 points, 27 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 blocks)!!!  Everything is screaming at you to play this dude for that cheap price tag.  And if Leuer is out again, the minutes should continue to be there for some peace of mind.

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