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5 Losers of NFL Free Agency

Sam Spiegelman looks at 5 teams who failed to help themselves during the NFL free agency period.

Frank Gore

New England Patriots

The defending Super Bowl champions must still be basking in Vince Lombardi lore because they have apparently been asleep through the start of free agency. To be honest, Tom Brady has about a two- or three-year window left to continue adding titles to his trophy case, but the team allowed many of its top free agents to walk away.

Revis, Browner and Vince Wilfork are all out of town, and worst of all Revis is now back with the rival Jets. The Patriots failed to bring in Percy Harvin, who instead signed on with the Bills. The rest of the AFC East improved with its free-agent signings while New England opted to stay put. The team needs to find help on the offensive and defensive line, backfield and secondary, and may have to do so in the draft now.

The silver lining is top safety Devin McCourty stayed around, which clearly was a priority. But will that one move be enough?

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