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March Madness: Top-10 Buzzer-Beaters

John Nestor

John Nestor is a Philadelphia sports fan and veteran sportswriter trapped in Connecticut. Tweet him @nestorjdn

March Madness is right around the corner and like every year this season’s NCAA Tournament figures to be filled with upsets and close calls.

There are few things as exciting in sports as an NCAA tournament game that comes down to the wire, so XN Sports has compiled a list of the top buzzer-beaters in tournament history.

Close but not Top-10: 2003: Maryland’s Drew Nicholas vs. UNC-Wilmington (2003), Michigan State’s Korie Lucious vs. Maryland (2010), Connecticut’s Richard Hamilton vs. Washington (1998) and Georgia Tech’s James Forrest vs. USC (1992).

The countdown…

10. Arkansas’ U.S. Reed (1981)

The fifth-seeded Razorbacks trailed No. 4 and defending National Champion Louisville, 73-72, with five seconds left in a second-round matchup.

Reed takes an inbounds pass near the baseline and starts to work the ball up the right side. He gets doubled near half court and with time just about out he pulls up and launches a prayer that is answered to give Arkansas a 74-73 victory. The Razorbacks were unable to capitalize on the momentum of Reed’s spectacular shot and lost their next game to LSU.