Yankees GM Brian Cashman ‘Tried to Have Mistress Committed’ for Going Public About ‘Affair’

Brian Cashman

Brian Cashman’s alleged former mistress has sued the Yankees general manager, claiming he spied on her and conspired with her family to have her committed to a psychiatric facility to stop her from exposing their affair.

The suit claims Cashman read Louise Meanwell’s emails and called her mother to conspire to have her committed.

“The intent of Cashman’s call to Meanwell’s mother was an attempt to silence and or discredit Manwell, to wit Cashman in concert with others attempted to induce Meanwell’s mother to assist in having Meanwell falsely committed to a psychiatric facilities,” the affidavit says.

“Cashman’s desire to have Meanwell committed was to cover up his marital infidelities,” it claims.

According to the lawsuit, Meanwell had a 10-month affair with the Yankees exec and believed he would leave his wife for her only to find out he had another mistress. She then allegedly sent him “hundreds of angry texts” and threatened to expose him.

More, via the New York Post:

“Cashman called Meanwell’s mother on the mother’s private unpublished cellphone,” the suit alleges.

“When Meanwell’s mother asked Cashman how he (Cashman) obtained this private cellphone number, Cashman indicated that he (Cashman) had obtained the phone number from one of Meanwell’s emails that he had hacked into.”

Meanwell discovered that a foreign IP address had accessed her email account at least 28 times during the three-day period and filed a computer trespass complaint with the police on Jan. 31, 2012.

Meanwell was arrested Feb. 1, 2012, and charged with stalking and extorting $6,000, and trying to extort $15,000 more from Cashman. She denies the claims.

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