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11 NFL Teams That Could Have A New Starting Quarterback In 2015

Sam Spiegelman looks at 11 NFL teams who should consider changing their starting QB next season.

Geno Smith

12. Denver Broncos

Here’s the biggest question of them all. Will Peyton Manning be on the Broncos in 2015? Will he even be on an NFL roster?

Gary Kubiak is probably bracing for a number of scenarios, one of which is whether it’ll be Brock Osweiler under center for Week 1. Kubiak didn’t want Manning when he was the head coach of Houston in 2012 and Manning was a free agent, so perhaps there’s still some beef between the two now.

Osweiler sat behind Manning the past few years and, when that’s the case, we don’t know what to expect. Kubiak’s Texans made a trade to acquire Matt Schaub, so perhaps the Broncos will also be on the hunt for a new quarterback.

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