QB Tyler Thigpen Found Passed Out in Wendy’s Drive-Thru, Arrested for DUI

According to The Sun News, free agent quarterback Tyler Thigpen got drunk at something called “Broadway on the Beach,” passed out at a Wendy’s drive-thru, and then denied ever drinking to the police.

He then refused to take any sobriety tests, but you know, his word’s good for it.

Per The Sun News:

The officers approached the Cadillac and saw that Thigpen was asleep in the driver’s seat with his foot on the brake. Horry County police said it took several minutes to awaken him. When they did, Thigpen told police he was confused, didn’t know where he was or how he had gotten there, according to the report.

He told police he had been at Broadway at the Beach with friends, according to the report. One of the Horry County officers said Thigpen smelled strongly of alcohol.

When asked, Thigpen told police that he had not consumed any alcohol, according to the report.

Thigpen, who has played for the Chiefs, Dolphins, and Bills, owns a career 1-11 record as a starter, mostly from 2008 when he started 11 games for KC. Thigpen was drafted in the seventh round of the 2007 NFL Draft after posting 3,296 yards, 29 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions in his senior year at Coastal Carolina.

He hasn’t been seen in the NFL since 2012, though he can’t be much worse than anyone the Jets have trotted out there over that time.

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  1. CDCarter13 fitzyXN XNSports Can’t blame him. Their service can be very slow, esp if you customize your burger.

  2. CDCarter13 fitzyXN XNSports Better or worse than getting into a fight because a fan wanted to give you a hug?

  3. DoNateFreeseMyK

    CDCarter13 fitzyXN XNSports Maybe he just wanted some late-night corn. Stop being so judgmental.

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