The Sixers Attempt to Play ‘Defense,’ Fail

The Philadelphia 76ers are as terrible as ever this season, ranking in the bottom 10 in pretty much every possible statistical category, as well as some made up categories.

To get a better sense of what it is that makes the Sixers the Sixers, and why most people say they’d lose to Kentucky (and probably many other college teams), you need not look farther than their perpetually confused defense, which almost requires that Benny Hill music be played every time their opponent has the ball.

Here’s Damian Lillard getting wide open, putting together some IKEA furniture, and still having enough time to sink the most open three in the history of open threes.


Here’s James Harden making the entire team defense look like lifeless traffic cones:


And here’s the entire Spurs offense doing the same while the Sixers players hack away at nothing but air:


And here’s them doing it again:


Of course, this wouldn’t all be so woeful if they weren’t equally as incompetent on offense:


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