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Kevin Durant Repeatedly Called Dwight Howard a [female body part] During Saddest NBA Game of the Season

Even as his Thunder were losing one of the lowest-scoring affairs of the season, injured Kevin Durant had a few words for Dwight Howard.

Dwight Howard

The Houston Rockets eked out a 69-65 win over the banged-up Oklahoma City Thunder in what may go down as the saddest game of the season.

Though the score correctly shows that there was little action during the 48 minutes of play as both teams shot under 30 percent, there was plenty of action during game breaks as even OKC coach Scott Brooks got in on the action.

The action wasn’t confined to the players on the court, however, as even injured Kevin Durant got into Dwight Howard’s face during the aforementioned skirmish.

Anthony Slater, who got a close-up view of the action, explains:

Lotta chirping between Thunder and Rockets right now. Kevin Durant repeatedly to Dwight Howard: “You’re a p—-“

Of course, no matter what was said or who was shoved, nothing was worse than the play on the court.

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