Fantasy Hockey Vega$ Style: Roll The Bones?

Gary Bettman
Gary Bettman
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Now it is not exactly a done deal but the fact that Las Vegas is a strong contender for an expansion franchise had to have hockey fans, bettors, and especially fantasy hockey players salivating. Let’s face it! The dollar signs alone are potentially astronomical. Yes this is all provided if suitable owners are found but to be “the first” to tap into Sin City is potentially too good to pass up.

For those that say this would irreparably harm hockey, that is probably not an accurate statement. It is likely another city on the west coast (Seattle) would gain an NHL franchise. Search Las Vegas NHL hockey team sometime on Google and see the back and forth of rumors there will be and rumors there won’t.

The reality is the money that can be made by the casinos with suites is again very high to say the least. But hey, for us fantasy hockey people, there is a boon to be had as well. Let’s emphasize this again that Vegas is not automatic. It is close perhaps but remember the link above is only a report.

So how can this help fantasy hockey? How can it not? Here are a few ways?

1. Betting would have a ripple effect with daily fantasy hockey especially

Think of all the platforms out there for a second. Now we may have to keep Rick Tocchet away from the betting tables and sports bookies but all kidding aside, the dollars have the chance to flow. It will be interesting how Vegas and the NHL work together with this but for fantasy hockey experts and how the league has an online presence, this makes sense. Obviously another team or maybe three more will come into the equation which would enhance the fantasy potential that much more. Again betting is not directly proportional but would likely have some causality to bump fantasy dollars. Stay tuned because there will be a bit more.

2. Is Vegas Really The Front Runner? 

This is a valid question. Could Las Vegas even wind up with an existing team? Again that is also a possibility. Most pundits still seem to side with Quebec and Seattle before Las Vegas as the top possibility. Remember at least two teams have to come in for expansion to be viable and they preferably have to be in the West. Gary Bettman has played coy before with this sort of thing. Again, the dollars are there in Vegas but is the following? Does the league care? Those are all things that will be answered down the road.

3. Fantasy hockey awaits the likely expansion…..

It is going to happen. Whether you think the league can go to 32 or 34 teams even is irrelevant because for all the rhetoric, the NHL sees dollar signs all over the place. Fantasy hockey expands also because of the added teams. More teams mean the possibility of even deeper leagues. If two teams are added, that is 46 more possible fantasy hockey players. This means more possible combinations, more choices for daily and seasonal players, and naturally the chance of even more expansion. Stay tuned because whatever happens, number three is probably the most certain at this point.

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