Fantasy Hockey Four For The Road: Subban Limbo?

PK Subban
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While we wait for the hockey season to start, there is an undeniable reality that the time is drawing closer hockey fans. If you count back from the middle of June…it has been 47 days or so and in about another 47 or less, there will be preseason games and scrimmages. There have been awards, free agency, and arbitration along with a draft. However bleak it may seem, the offseason will be over before you know it.

Another weekend is here and just when it seems the dog days have settled in, something else happens hockey fans. These events will have impact in their own for fantasy hockey enthusiasts. It is time to see what is on this edition of “Four For The Road”.

Four For The Road

1. P.K. Subban and Montreal….just relax ladies and gentlemen!

Arbitration is one of the most brutal occurrences in sports. Side A comes in with their numbers and thoughts. Side B comes in with theirs. The arbiter sorts through the information and makes his ruling. That is the nuts and bolts version. Montreal wants to pay around 5.25 million and Subban wants 8.5 million. From all the people I talked to today, the hearing was contentious as any hearing would be. It caused a ton of panic on Twitter obviously. Simply fans and media alike have to relax in this case. Though Montreal did handle this a bit dubiously (bridge deals backfire more often than not), all hope is not lost. Before jumping off ledges, let’s see what the ruling is first.

2. Been asked a few times, so when is Fantasy Hockey X coming back?

The answer is pretty simple. Later in August as leagues and platforms start to open up is when the podcast will start up again. The goal of the show is always to go as much outside the box as possible all for the fantasy hockey fan. Michael Clifford, myself, and friends will bend over backwards to bring different perspectives toward the craft. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen, there will be more news soon enough.

3. Signs of desperation for headlines on Martin Brodeur?

When Andy Greene was given his extension, one of the first questions was naturally about Martin Brodeur. Lo and behold, Lou Lamoriello took the high road but honestly the numbers dictate where Lamoriello could have said much more. At some point enough becomes enough. It is pretty clear why the goalie has not been signed yet. You do the math!

4. Last but not least, it is the weekend…have a drink!

It has been a tough week with lots of preparation for upcoming guides, magazines, and more. Go relax and have a drink or two. A lot of hockey news is going to be coming your way very soon!

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