The Best 25 Games From NBA’s 2013-14 National TV Schedule

NBA 2013-14 National Television Schedule
NBA 2013-14 National Television Schedule
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The schedule for all 142 games the league will air nationally is here for the perusal of all NBA-hungry eyes. Just a glance at the first few matchups for the 2013-14 season shows that the NBA‘s marketing office has been busy predicting ratings-grabbers.  Heavy on talent, rivalries, legacies, and big markets, the national TV schedule is replete with the teams you’d expect.

The Lakers, though a probable lottery team, will get 25 games. The Heat, the same. The Knicks also get a quarter of a hundred nationally-aired games, with Chicago, another big market, ending up with one less, at 24. Sadly for the Toronto Raptors, Charlotte Bobcats, and Philadelphia 76ers, all three ended up with zero.

The full national schedule can be viewed here, along with which other NBA teams got the short end of the stick.

With news of its release, SJN wanted to look ahead and pick out the 25 games we expect to be TiVo-worthy. It was picked with an emphasis for recent rivalries, contrasting playing styles, and a conscious effort to include less marketable teams like the New Orleans Pelicans and Cleveland Cavaliers. Enjoy.

(Note: If we missed some of the games you’re expecting to be nail-bitters, add them to the comment section below).

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